Lyon Herron has become one of the most inspiring people both in the United States and around the world. He was born with an extremely rare disease called Gardner’s Syndrome that is a mutation of his DNA strand and the one gene that controls all the cell growth in his body. The side effects of his disease are colon cancer, osteoporosis, decaying of teeth, desmoid tumors, and more. He’s been unfortunate enough to have had them all. If you asked Lyon though, he would say it is a blessing to have his disease, and that without it he would not have the same passion for life or have had the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful places this world has to offer. Using his social media platform, he has a unique gift of giving hope to others who are in more need than he is. Lyon’s goal has always been to aid others with passion, hope, and a positive mental attitude through bearing his own personal struggles to the world and showing people how he copes and deals with them. 

Lyon’s medical story started at 4 years old when his mom, Barbie, found a golf ball sized tumor on his left hip. At 7 years old, Lyon’s doctors found tens of thousands of cancerous polyps that had grown in his large intestinal walls. He was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and had his large intestine and colon removed. What makes Lyon’s disease so unique and difficult is that he has a 99% tumor regrowth rate wherever there is trauma to his body. As Lyon and his mom continued learning what this disease meant for them, word began to spread around his small California hometown the intense lifestyle that such a young boy was living.

When Lyon was 10, they found a large tumor in his abdomen which quickly grew into a 6-pound mass. He was on and off chemo for 3 years, but Barbie knew there was a world beyond chemo’s and traditional western medicines. She researched tons of homeopathic alternatives, and even took Lyon to visit the famous ‘John of God’ healer in Brazil and to Germany for stem cell treatments. At 15 years old, Lyon’s doctors deemed his tumor inoperable and life threatening, but with a dedicated community’s support, Barbie was able to find a specialist that was willing to do the risky procedure of removing his 6-pound desmoid tumor. Since then, Lyon has had over 35 surgeries – 6 of them to remove desmoid tumors, reconstructive surgeries, countless rounds of chemotherapy, trial case studies and stem cell treatments. As Lyon began to develop his identity and understand his disease, he realized he wanted to do something beyond just that, and has been sharing his infectious and positive perspective on life with the world.

Today, Lyon lives with 12 active tumors and 1 that is life threatening. In February 2018, his life-threatening tumor was deemed inoperable since it’s weaved itself through his small intestine and around his mesenteric artery. This tumor poses a particularly difficult challenge for Lyon as it is extremely non receptive to chemo or immunotherapy. Lyon and his family are looking for alternative treatments and trials to address this tumor head on, but since February 2018 the tumor has created a perforation in his small intestine causing him to go into septic shock multiple times.

Lyon has been graced with a following and presence on social media that allows him to give encouragement and inspiration to others. During one of the most difficult times in his life, he found his passion behind the lens of a camera. Now, he finds life’s most fulfilling moments being able to give the gift of hope to others and wants to expand his reach to inspire even more people around the globe.

Lyon is unable to work right now, and with last years medical bills piling up and this years insurance deductible needing to be met, we are asking for any help with this financial burden. Even the smallest donation means the world. Thank you.